The real cost of renting in Dubai

How much does it really cost to rent in Dubai? Our tool will help answer that question and figure out you perfect budget.

Property Information

Cost Breakdown (AED)

Rental cost

  • Yearly Rent
    AED 60000.00
  • Security Deposit
    AED 3000.00
  • Agency Fee
    AED 3000.00
  • Your Cheques
    AED 15000.00

Real Estate Regulatory Agency

  • Ejari
    AED 220

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

  • Dewa security deposit
    AED 2000.00
  • Dewa Activation
    AED 100
  • Dewa Connection
    AED 300
  • Dewa Registration
    AED 10
  • Knowledge Fee
    AED 10
  • Innovation Fee
    AED 10
Learn how to set up your water and electricity


  • Internet
    AED 380
  • Moving costs
  • Painting costs

Total (AED)

  • Total costs
    AED 72329.00
  • Before moving in
    AED 27329.00

The rental cost of Dubai

Budgeting for the apartment or home you want to rent in Dubai can be tricky. Especially, if it is your first time renting in Dubai. You will pay somewhere between 14 and 30% of the listed rent to cover additional rental costs that are not listed on property portals.

These additional costs are a natural part of renting a property in Dubai. After you have signed your contract, you will have to:

  • Provide cheques for the security deposit;
  • Register your property with Ejari;
  • Connect your water and electricity with Dewa;
  • And more;

Knowing the real cost of renting in Dubai will help to choose the best home for you, and probably save you some hard-earned cash.

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